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Southwest Memorial Hospital Foundation Montelores Cancer Care Fund

This program assists cancer patients and their families with transportation, living expenses, travel and related needs during treatment.  Montelores Cancer Care Assistance Grants provide up to $1,000 for these expenses.  Call 970-564-2040 for grant application requests and questions. Download the application here


Women’s Wellness Connection

This program provides eligible women who live in Colorado get free breast and cervical cancer screenings.  WWC providers in Montezuma and Dolores Counties are as follows:


  • Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains:  Provides WWC breast and cervical cancer screenings for eligible insured, uninsured, and underinsured women.  Located at 20 W. North St. in Cortez, Colorado.  Call 970-565-7011 for information

  • Community Health Clinic of Dove Creek:  Provides WWC breast and cervical cancer screenings for eligible insured, uninsured, and underinsured women.  Located at 495 W. 4th St. in Dove Creek, Colorado.  Call 970-677-3623 for information.


Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (Health First Colorado)

This program is the Health First Colorado’s (Colorado Medicaid) treatment program for women who have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer.  Contact the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing at 303-866-2993 for more information.


Clara Ormiston Cancer Treatment Fund

This program helps residents of Montezuma County with health care costs for cancer treatment.  The program is administered by the Montezuma County Department of Social Services.  Call 970-565-3769 for information.

Montezuma County Breast Cancer Support Group

This group meets the fourth Tuesday of each month.  Contact 970-882-4484 for information.


Blueprints of Hope Oncology Navigation

This site provides compassionate, hope-filled solutions for those who are facing or have faced a cancer journey.  Contact www.blueprintsofhope.org for information.


Journey of Hope Fund

This programs provides free mammograms to women in Montezuma, La Plata, Archuleta and San Juan counties who cannot otherwise afford them.  This program is administered by Mercy Health Foundation at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango.  Contact 970-764-2800 for information.


Colorado Cancer Resource Directory

This directory is an online guide of support resources for people diagnosed with any cancer in Colorado.


American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society partners with local oncology and community centers to provide cancer patients, their families, and caregivers assistance through cancer resource centers.  The Durango Cancer Resource Center is located at 65 Mercado, Suite 233A.  Cal 970-247-0278 for information.




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